How to check your personal loan status?

Recently, I wanted to apply for a personal loan for travelling overseas with my family. So, I was looking for a bank that could lend me a loan with the least possible procedures and in an easy way.

My friend recommended that I get in touch with “99creds” who said that they provide the best solutions for personal loans and have the best credit options. So, I approached them and applied for a loan with the bank which I was already a customer with.

99creds is that financial service provider which connects us with several banks of our choice based on our requirements and the policies of banks suitable to us.

So, after the procedure started the main concern was how to know whether my personal loan is approved. I was really confused about the procedure and again 99creds came to my rescue.

They explained the procedure and it is very simple if you know it in advance.

So, how can we know about the status of a personal loan application?

What are the better ways to track it?

Generally, there are two ways of checking your personal loan status i.e. Online and Offline.

Let us see both the tracking mechanisms briefly to make it simpler.

Online mode:


In the fast-growing digital world, there is a rare chance that one may have to personally go for simple things like checking the status of your personal loan. Nowadays, everything happens in just one click and just sitting at your home or from your place of comfort.

Thus, just like applying for a personal loan, you can also track the status of your personal loan simply by sitting at your home on your laptop or even your mobile.

There are various ways in which you can check your personal loan status whether you have applied for one or you may already have one ongoing personal loan. You just have to follow simple steps.

  • Visit the website of your bank through which you applied for a loan.
  • Log in to your bank account to which your loan is connected.
  • If your bank has an app you can also login into the app just on your phone.
  • If you are using the mobile application just enter your MPin or the username, and password to your bank account to which the loan is connected.
  • Enter the loan account details such as the loan account number or the loan identification number to access your loan account.
  • After you have accessed your loan account download the statement and certificates from the section of the particular bank portal or application.

Thus, you can just check your personal loan status as easily as possible by following the above steps without visiting the bank personally.


Offline mode:

Another way of tracking your personal loan status is offline mode.

Sometimes it may happen that you need to visit the bank due to some reasons to check your loan status. In the offline mode, it is suggested that you carry all the necessary details and documents that are related to your loan account to make it easier for the branch to find your details. Once you have shared the documents with them they will track their records and give you the status along with any other details as required.

This way of checking the status can sometimes be more precise and reliable as the bank has access to all your details.

Customer service:

If in case sometimes you don’t have time to go to the bank and when you don’t have internet access or there’s some issue with the internet. In such a case you can also contact a customer service provider to check for your loan status. In this method, you will just have to share your loan details with the service provider over a phone call or so, and they will access your account and inform you about the status.

The only thing to remember in this case is that you should not share the credentials like M-pin or OTP with the service provider or any other person if asked for.


These are the most feasible ways by which you can check your personal loan status.

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