Eight reasons to apply for a personal loan from 99creds

99creds has offered, it becomes a more straightforward process to avail best financial deals from the best banks can offer.

The lending industry has become very competitive nowadays. When facing financial difficulty, he goes for a personal loan option. Then he needs to consider many options from different financial institutions and banks. As loan criteria and interest rates differ from bank to bank, it is a mind-boggling situation that a borrower faces. Consequently, a need for a middle person is felt who would put forth different loan options from different banks suitable for him. '99creds' is a platform created to make this personal loan process simple and convenient. '99creds' is a special friend of a borrower who would take care of documentation and follow the application process till disbursement of the loan amount is done. It will always be advantageous for borrowers to apply for a personal loan through 99 creds.

So, the following are the best reasons for availing a personal loan through 99creds….

1. Simple procedure

Simplicity is a criterion made available by 99creds to borrowers to avail loans in a minimum effort. The borrower needs to go to the website and follow a simple procedure of application where the borrower needs to fill out a simple form. Knowing his name, address, and contact number will make it easy for 99creds executives to contact the applicant. Then an executive from 99creds contacts the applicant to discuss eligibility documents and his financial requirement. This information will let 99creds know the applicant's monthly cash flow, so it will be easy to suggest suitable loan products.

2. Best offers from India's most trusted banks

A personal loan is an unsecured credit designed to meet various financial requirements of the borrower. It may be a wedding, a daughter's marriage, or a house renovation. The best offer from different banks needs to look into before finalizing any loan proposal. So, various bank proposals can be compared on the 99creds platform for better deal selection. Top offers from banks and financial institutes such as HDFC, ICICI, IDFC, Kotak Mahendra, Tata Capital, Fullerton India, Standard Chartered, IndusInd Bank, Axis Bank, and Bajaj Finance are put forth for applicants. Borrowers can select the best offer for their requirements by comparing different offers.

3, No collateral is required.

One of the best advantages of online personal loan application is that it is an unsecured credit. Consequently, no collateral is needed for a personal loan. Low-interest rates of personal loans are made available by various financial institutions. Once the eligibility requirement is fulfilled, a personal loan can be disbursed quickly.

4. Minimal documentation

As our vision is to reach out to everyone with the best and most accessible financial assistance, 99creds has made the online process of documentation and verification easy and short. By uploading minimum documents, it fulfills the documentation criteria of the loan process. Documents such as a Pan card, Adhar card, bank statement, salary slip of 3 months, latest electricity bill or credit card bill, House lease agreement, and valid passport copy/driving license/Voter ID are required to be submitted.

5. Easy approval

It is considered that a personal loan is needed in urgent situations. So, easy and quick approval becomes necessary to make borrowers more comfortable. The online process of submitting and verifying documents has made lending easy and quick. Once all eligibility criteria are fulfilled by submitting proper documents, the disbursement of funds becomes easy.

6. High loan amount

As per the borrower's requirement, a loan of up to 1 crore can be disbursed by financial institutes. A high loan availability as per eligibility has become an advantage for borrowers.

7. Quick disbursement

Once the process is completed personal loan is disbursed in a short time. A Lending process is completed after successfully disbursing the amount into the lender's account. Ninety-nine creds help borrowers to avail of loans from famous financial institutions which have a reliable reputation and professional approach. The loan amount is quickly disbursed into the borrower's account without fees or surcharges.

8. Flexible loan EMIs

99creds offers the best interest rates from top financial institutes and banks, making monthly installments easy and convenient. The borrower must be comfortable with loan arrangements and with the EMI structure. The borrower must not be burdened with heavy installments. So, 99creds put forth a loan plan suitable for borrowers considering their liabilities and cash flow.


Considering the advantages that 99creds has offered, it becomes a more straightforward process to avail best financial deals from the best banks can offer.